My B21 Tuitions: Guidelines There are some guidelines for My B21 Tuitions. Student’s who want study in My B21 Tuitions. All students follow our guidelines and make a bright Future. The Guidelines are there…

Overview: My B21 Tuitions

My B21 Tuitions is a small branch of My B21. We teach students of class 1st to 12th. In these guidelines we tell you how to any student registered on My B21 and study with our Community. Mainly we know about admission, class rules, compulsory subject, optional subject and more information about My B21 Tuitions.

Admission Process

Student Who want Register on My B21. Now Days we admit only students, who study in class 1st to 12th. in future we admit teacher, staff member, Technical man, Video Editor, Social Media Manager and more person who expert in any field.

Student Admission Process

Students Who Admit in Class 1st to 12th. Please Provide these information on our official Site.

  1. Personal Information
  • Student Name
  • Student Date of Birth
  • Student Parent’s Name
  • Address
  • Original Adhar Card

2. Contact Information

  • Mobile Number of Student and Parent’s (Whatsapp Enabled)
  • Student Email ID

3. Education Progress

  • Class ( Want to Admited)
  • School (Previous / Currently Reading’s)

4. Choose filling

  • Compulsory Subjects (Included Drawing & Story)
  • Optional Subjects (Accroding to Class – Select Any 3)


  • Teacher’s take Attendence Daily.

Attendance Rules

  • It is mandatory for the student to attend class daily.
  • If a student does not attend the class, it is mandatory for him to write an application and send it to the class teacher online or offline. (If Application Submit online, student submit hard copy before attend next class.)
  • It is necessary to submit the application form a day before taking leave or on the same day before attending the class.
  • Monthly attendance of each child must be more than 75% of total working days.
  • If a student cannot submit the application form, then in this situation the child will not be able to sit in the upcoming class until the leave application is submitted (online or offline).
  • If the student’s monthly attendance is less than 75%, then in this situation the child will not be given any more holidays. In special circumstances, leave will be given only with the permission of the guardian. (Reason will be confirmed with the guardian.)

Class Activities

  • Students must show