Class 10th | Subject English | important questions from textbook | Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan

  1. What different things did Franz notice in the school that day? (80 words)
  2. What were the feelings of Edla and her father when they got the news about the peddler? (80 words)
  3. Write down some qualities of Subbu. (20-25 words)
  4. Who was Rajkumar Shukla? Why was he described as ‘resolute’? (20-25 words)
  5. Write a short summary of ‘My Mother at Sixty-six’. (80 words)
  6. What beautiful things are depicted in the poem ‘A Thing of Beauty’? (20-25 words)
  7. How was the hundredth tiger arranged for the Maharaja’s target? (80 words)
  8. How did Mr. Lamb motivate Derry? (80 words)
  9. Why were Dr. Sadao and his wife afraid? (20-25 word)
  10. What is meant by modern world? (20 words)
  11. Why does the name “tiger king” justify in the story (20 words)
  12. What was the chief concern of sadao’s father? (20 words)
  13. What does Mr lamb do all day? (20 words)
  14. What was the meaning of third bell? (20 words)
  15. What does smile signify in the poem? (30-40 word)
  16. How did the drowing experience affect Douglas? (30-40 word)
  17. Why did the peddler sign himself as captain von stahle (30-40 word)
  18. What does counting up to twelve and keeping still help to achieve? (30-40 word)
  19. Why could sadao not kill his enemy? (30-40 word)
  20. What proclamation was issued by the Maharaja? (30-40 word)
  21. “Handsome is as handsome does” explain the reference? (30-40 word)
  22. “It is his Karam his destiny” Who said this and why? (60-80 word)
  23. What was the long term contract? (60-80 word)
  24. How did Douglas overcome his fear of water? (60-80 word)
  25. ‘Vive La France!’ write the meaning and explain in detail? (60-80 word)
  26. What was the idea of the peddler about the world being a rattrap? (60-80 word)
  27. ‘We too are human beings’ who is victim here and why? (60-80 word)
  28. Describe about galesburg illinois? (60-80 word)
  29. How did sadaohave his reward? (60-80 word)
  30. Where does Saheb live? (10 words)
  31. Who approached Gandhiji to bring him to Champaran? (10 words)
  32. What did the astrologers foretell at the birth of Crown Prince Jung Bahadur?(30-40 word)
  33. What do you know about Saheb and Mukesh, the two boys mentioned by anees Jung in the lesson? (60-80 word)
  34. Describe the difficulties faced by Gandhiji in Champaran episode? (60-80 word)
  35. Attempt a character sketch of Mr hamel in this story “The Last lesson” (100-125 word)
  36. Why did Gandhiji scold the lawyers ? (30-40 words)
  37. Attempt a character sketch of the peddler. (30-40 words)
  38. How much money did the Tiger King pay to the British jewellers for rings ? (30-40 words)
  39. Where does Saheb work and how much money is he paid there? (30-40 words)
  40. Why did William Douglas decide to join the YMCA pool? (30-40 words)

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